According to the press pool, Air Force One arrived back in Washington, D.C. at 8:40 PM. Donald Trump, however, did not deplane until 9:25 PM, 40 minutes after landing.

Although Trump would not explain further his “meeting,” Twitter has it’s own ideas as to why Trump was so delayed.

Former President Barack Obama is receiving the “Profile In Courage” Award at the JFK Center tonight. Chances are that our insecure President was hate-watching from the tarmac.

Hopefully he enjoyed watching the ceremony; it’s likely that’s the closest Trump will come to getting a “Profile In Courage” Award of his own.

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  1. What the hell he didn’t care that he was holding up a lot of people that WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY, and none of it was coming out of his pocket, and he doesn’t have to answer to anyone when I hell is this all going to stop.

    • Most likely it was just how long his temper tantrum lasted because there wasn’t a band, parade or adoring fans waiting for him.

  2. I feel sorry for Trump. There’s no “Profiles in Being An Egomaniacal Bully and Demagogue Award” for him to receive.

  3. Disheveled Either Getting Laid Lucky Pense or He Took a Trump I mean Dump Same thing, Trump Has NO NO CLASS With all his Glitz and Glitter Gold Toilet and Rooms Its a Museum or crept Either way its gaudy ambiance that will gag even a Rothchild. He really Thinks hes all that . He is the POOREST Man I ever Heard of All he has is Money But NO INTEGRITY NO DIGNITY or HONOR. He has Amassed Tons of MONEY His Wealth is gaged on Dollars But NO COMMON SENSE Hes Adrift in his own World out of touch with The Real Humanity that makes us who we are. That is Character Attitude He lacks Both a A SPOILED ROTTEN MEAN NASTY Bully Who Would Run and Hide Before He have to stand up for his Nastiness. A COWARD at HEART MIND BODY and SOUL. He RUTHLESS Because of his Wealth and From it. But without it He wouldn’t be a Flea on a Nats Ass, Hes Validates himself constantly Insecure Egotistic Narcissistic But needs constant affirmation of cheers applause, And He only Achieves this by ridiculing others Making Fun of Disabled People a Gold Star Family He has to make others look bad so he can look Good But that doesn’t hold water. Even that ploy has worn out his Supporters. They are starting to see through the cloud of BULLSHIT he made.He has to get his EGO FIX Going to already Vetted and Paid for Audiences to Show he has Value . TRUTH will not be Mocked or scorned. And The Truth is unraveling daily hourly minute by minute One day He will go Down in FLAMES. And I will REJOICE We all will REJOICE the FILTHY PIG is DEAD

  4. Aww come on we all know the dementia ridden fool forgot how to unbuckel the seat belt then forgot which end of the plane to disembark from. After he saw President Obama receive his award, and finished his temper tandem

  5. Word has it he was taking a dump and was having a hard time squeezing out his last Big Mac. A source close to the President said the Big Mac eventually passed much the way it was consumed; in two bites. Apparently there was a mishap as one of the staff had covered the toilet with Saran Wrap and the reprocessed Big Mac never hit the water. It took Secret Service agents twenty minutes to clean the President’s abundant hind quarters after the practical joke was revealed. It is rumored that the jokester is currently being transported to Guantanamo. It is also reported that he was rereading his on board copy of Mein Kampf and was struggling, again with the three syllable words, as the reason he was unaware of the fecal mishap.

  6. Hell-bound, Godless, Possessed, Fake, Pretender, Liar, Ignoramus, 8-year-old, Brain-dead, Lazy, Desperate, Traitorous, Little-Lord-Fauntleroy, Putin’s-butt-buddy, Embarrassing, Dead-beat, Fraud, Con, Puppet, Insane, Hopeless, 2-faced, All=the-above

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