Independence Day is traditionally a day full of joy, family, sun, suds, fireworks and most importantly, love. It’s a day when Americans come together to celebrate the day our great country declared its independence. However, with Trump in the White House, everything changes.

The dark Trump cloud puts a burden on every holiday, mainly due to the debilitating hypocrisy raining down upon us.

True American leaders send inspiring messages to their fellow Americans and remind everyone just how special of a gift it is to be American. Then, there is so-called FLOTUS Melania Trump’s message. It’s tough to tell whether her tweet or her daughter-in-law’s tweet was more hypocritical.

Melania tweeted:

“We are the land of the free because of the brave. Thank you to the heroes who serve!”

Yes, no thanks to her draft dodging husband who has already gotten a Navy SEAL killed during a botched mission. Maybe, Melania and Donald should be thinking about the widow who is celebrating July 4th this year without her brave husband whose life ended because of Trump.

Twitter was obviously disgusted by her hypocritical message. See some users’ responses below:

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