Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is making big headlines these days as he makes arrests and brings charges against associates of popular vote loser Donald Trump.

In the last several weeks, three arrests were made, with one pleading guilty and one flipping on Trump and testifying to Mueller’s team.

What a lot of reports are missing in this ongoing story is that Mueller is still very likely gunning for Trump and Pence, and may have a big ace up his sleeve to make sure he gets what he’s after in his investigation.

Paul Manafort is now under house arrest and, not surprisingly, he’s being as uncooperative as possible. What would change Manafort’s mind to make him more cooperative? Mueller offering him a deal that meant little or no prison time.

So, why hasn’t Mueller offered that to Manafort already? Because he doesn’t need to.

You see, Mueller already has nearly two years of recorded conversations on Manafort via a FISA surveillance warrant that was in place before and after the election, so Mueller has the intel. Mueller likely has everything he needs on tape ready to use as evidence.

Palmer Report points out:

That means Mueller has lower level campaign people nailed left and right, and he’s likely already working to flip those individuals. More importantly, Donald Trump and Mike Pence are both known to have communicated with Manafort by phone, after Manafort left the campaign, in the general timeframe that the FISA warrant is known to have been active. Pence was relying on Manafort during the transition period, for reasons that cannot have been above board. Trump was calling Manafort after he took office, for reasons that likely constitute obstruction of justice or witness tampering.

So, now what?

All Mueller has to do now is to get Trump and Pence to lie to him about what was captured on those tapes. The moment that happens, it’s a felony.

However, let’s assume that Pence and Trump admit to everything that is on the tapes. That too will take them down, so they are in a lose-lose situation the moment they sit down with Robert Mueller.

The sooner this investigation gets to Trump and Pence, the better for America. Donald Trump will fulfill one campaign promise at least, and that is to Make America Great Again, by leaving the Oval Office.