President Trump loves Fox News. In fact it seems he thinks Fox and Friends are his actual friends. Fox News tends to ask Trump only the non-tough questions and fall over themselves praising him. So it says a lot if Trump has a blow-up during an interview with someone from Fox News, but that is exactly what happened. According to The Hill, during a recent interview with Jeanine Pirro, who hosts who hosts Fox News’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” Trump walked right out of the meeting, after “reportedly growing weary with the conversation”.

Apparently President Trump became “riled up” when Pirro questioned him about special counsel Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey. Pirro had said she wanted to talk with Trump about the Uranium One deal, which Trump and cronies incorrectly like to claim was a pay-for-play deal formulated by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Maybe Trump didn’t expect the other topics to come up, or just couldn’t control his reaction when they did come up, but he ended up walking out.

While Trump was still in the room, but apparently fuming, Chief of Staff John Kelly told Pirro she was “not helping things” by riling up the President, according to the Hill. Doesn’t that sound like something a person would say about a cranky toddler – don’t rile them up – rather than an adult President of the United States? But, then, President Trump does often act more like a cranky toddler than an adult. According to the New York Times, Trump, Kelly and White House Counsel Donald F. McGahn II met with Pirro and:

Ms. Pirro whipped up the president against Mr. Mueller and accused James B. Comey, the former FBI director, of employing tactics typically reserved for Mafia cases. The president became visibly agitated as she spoke.

So it appears that it wasn’t that Trump disagreed with Pirro, it wasn’t that she was asking him tough questions, it was that she so whipped up his frenzy against Mueller and Comey, that he became overwhelmed and left the room. Self control is not one of President Trump’s strong suits. And self-reflection is not really in his wheelhouse.

Trump is still watching Pirro’s show, though. Just today The Hill revealed that Trump watches four to eight hours of television every day and, “Trump’s favorite programs include “Fox & Friends” as well as Fox News primetime shows from Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Jeanine Pirro.”

There’s a toddler in the White House who has trouble controlling his behavior, and yet has what is arguably the most powerful job in the world. How’s that for a nightmare?