Senator Lindsey Graham just abruptly changed his tune about President Trump.

Graham once called Trump a “jacka**,” however, he is now calling him “open-minded.”

Graham spoke at the South Carolina Republican convention and praised Trump:

“What have I learned about our president? He’s curious, he asks questions, and he knows no fear, and he’s under siege unlike any president I’ve ever seen in my entire life … They don’t believe he won; I do.”

Graham added, “Now Obama was somewhat hard for us, but I thought we were somewhat respectful.”

The senator then trashed Obama by labeling him a “community organizer who apologized for America every turn all over the world.”

“Let me tell you that you have a commander in chief that’s not going to let this country get walked over anymore,” Graham exclaimed.

Then things got a little weird when Graham began gloating about how much Trump calls him:

“He calls and I’m honored that he would call me and I want to help him,” Graham said.

“He calls me when I’m asleep and he calls me after I go to bed. I wish he would rest more. I gave him my phone number. So far so good.”

Why do you think he changed his mind about Trump?

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  1. The usual reason they want war and its called war time profiteering! There is no good solution to Afghanistan and the president and congress know it. We have been in the country for far to long with no real positive result. For the president this is his way to distract us from all the crap that his time at the helm! We should not allow more of our fine service men and women to die and be injured for no good reason!

  2. I was very shocked when Graham and McCail started acting like democrats and going against President Trump.
    I lost all respect for both of them.
    It sad when both party’s go against a President that is trying to do the right thing for our country yet when the former WH resident broke law after law and they couldn’t build up the nerves to stop him.
    I guess the kick backs must have been very good.

    • Let me guess… you, like tRump, watch unbalanced Faux News. I guess you’re ok with an autocratic, narcissistic, misogynist running the country…into the ground. Duh.

    • I am curious about he laws that Obama broke. Please list them here because I really want to look them up.

  3. Trump is a White Nationalist and has told us all on T.V. about his affiliation with that group. So, considering both sides of the groups in the protest in Virginia – were both groups of good people but wrong at that protest. Incredibly enough, protestors can express hatred – but making them both side to be hate groups – is just wrong. In addition, our nation has allowed the former Civil War and their Confederate exist in their cities, communities and state. However, the civil war and confederacy was about the division of our country with their belief’s and slavery. It is very important to know – that the Confederacy lost the Civil War and the United States joined its states to makes us a stronger union. I can not believe that people are stuck in the times of Civil War times – and value these statutes and confederate values – when we all live in a United States of America as a Country and not divided grounds.

  4. Why is that people keep saying we value these statues when all they are, are reminders of what evil they were when this country was fighting for freedom and only to remind us of that. We must move on, leave the statues there and learn the history behind them so that we don’t repeat it again.

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