Donald Trump has overclocked the right-wing hate machine with his constant stream of disgusting bigoted rhetoric. The Trumpsters are indiscriminate in their targeting, and no one is out of bounds. One of their favorite people to insult is Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary and Bill. Their comments are often lowbrow and crude, but Clinton always rises above it.

Today, Twitter user @facbookacc, whose displayed name is Scott Phillips, insulted Clinton, calling her disgusting and irrelevant, before proceeding to insult her appearance:

True to form, Clinton issued a classy response. Rather than insult him back, she wished him well and told him to stay safe:

Hi Scott! Wishing you a beautiful day & particularly if you’re near #Harvey, a safe one. Take care!

— Chelsea Clinton (@ChelseaClinton) August 25, 2017

The exchange is a perfect example of the differences between the right and left in America. The pettiness and hatred emanating from Trump fans are absolute and self-destructive. Comparatively, those opposing Trump have an interest in the well-being of all Americans and the betterment of the country as a whole. Chelsea Clinton provides a beautiful example for all of us.


  1. Trump is a man without a moral compass or any integrity. His administration follows suit and the GOP are complicit in the name of preserving political power. Trump has a self serving agenda that feeds his egocentric needs and earns money for him and his family; all else is secondary to someone that sees every interaction as transactional.
    Chelsea is a fine young woman – I have never seen her act in a way that would label her as anything but a lady; articulate, thoughtful, and classy.

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